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Introducing Paprika’s new Client Engagement Consultant, India Quow

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Paprika are pleased to make the announcement that India Quow, former Global revenue accountant at AnalogFolk, joined our Client Engagement Team in April. As a keen champion of Paprika in her previous places of work, India brings not only a wealth of experience into our business but a unique perspective of Paprika too. Having implemented Paprika herself, she already knows the pain, preparation and hard work needed to keep and maintain a healthy system – this is something she is keen to share whist in her new role.

“I hope how I used Paprika and i2 in my previous roles will help our clients use the product to its full potential. I also look forward to sharing my ideas and enthusiasm about the software and its other capabilities – it’s really not just accounting and timesheets” says India.

You may recognise India from last year’s Breakfast seminar. As one of our most progressive customers, she spoke about how Paprika was configured at AnalogFolk to estimate, resource, forecast and enter timesheets via tasks. Here’s a few of her favourite Paprika programs:

“Some of the programs that really changed things for me were the strategic time planner, time planner and income forecast. They are fantastic modules. My favourite thing so far would be the new job tracker. This is literally a producer’s best friend. I cannot wait to show our clients how to use this new tool and watch their faces light up.”

The new job tracker isn’t out yet, but is due for release in i2 v 2.14. We like to think it is a game changer, but you can take a look at our other news coverage for a sneak preview. You can also contact the Client Engagement team if you are interested in upgrading and want to see a demo of the latest features.

Having relinquished her client status, India now dons the robes of a Paprika Consultant and relishes the challenge:

“This is a new challenge for me as I’m usually on the other side seeing Paprika from a client point of view. Having worked within finance, I’ve used Paprika and i2. I’ve trained the class 2 users and I look forward to using my knowledge and making it benefit both existing clients and new ones too.”

India is currently spending a few weeks in Hadlow at Paprika HQ whilst she completes some intensive Paprika training. Upon completion, India will be centrally located in our London office, making it easier to visit our client’s onsite and face to face.

“I’m really excited to get stuck into my new role. I love working with clients, putting names to faces and generally helping them out. I’m a confident and outgoing individual that absolutely loves Paprika and i2, so I hope I bring something different into Paprika’s Client Engagement team.”

We would like to welcome India and wish her every success in her new role as a Client Engagement Consultant. The Client Engagement department is designed to help Paprika clients get the most out of their setup. If you’re considering using more of your Paprika system, are thinking about implementing any new programs or are interested in upgrading to a newer version, then email them at to discuss your options.

For more information about ‘Job Tracker’ and i2 version 2.14, follow this link to our latest news coverage.

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Mandy Merron, Partner, Kingston Smith W1